Tillman column controversy continues... 

From a column in the Hartford Valley Advocate: "Wilson's statement might have been less dangerous if it were a private letter addressed to Gonzales alone. But instead, he used his public soapbox to echo a rhetorical position often used by anti-intellectual conservatives around the country. In doing so, he abdicated his responsibility as the spokesperson for the state's public university system to attend to his chief duty: to safeguard academic freedom and champion the pursuit of knowledge..."

Similiar to the arguments made in this week's Mass Media editorial, "Step Back, Jack."

Conservative columnist (and UCLA senior) Ben Shapiro writes up the column controversy.

A Colorado State Collegian columnist writes that newspapers have a right to be offensive and to be responsible.

He also mentions that Amherst's Daily Collegian is having funding issues with the student government there, due to the column.

Today's Collegian has this: "As noted in Tuesday's Massachusetts Daily Collegian, a motion was brought to the Senate last night by Nokes and Sen. Michael Sheridan to either reprimand the Collegian for its decision to print the editorial written by Rene Gonzalez on Pat Tillman, or to distance the SGA from the editorial decision The Collegian made by asking for money allocated back."

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A columnist at California State University's Orion says, "In no way am I trying to belittle the selfless sacrifice Tillman made for his country. However, I just don't think it's right for the media to laud him as the symbol of patriotism and let his celebrity blot out the deaths of American soldiers who hail from the lower rungs of the social ladder..."

An Olean Times Herald columnist takes a slightly different tack: "With free speech comes responsibility, accountability."

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