Globe columnist weighs in on Tillman column 

Cathy Young has a column in the Globe today regarding the whole Tillman Collegian column controversy: "I’m glad the Collegian provided Gonzalez with a forum. For one, his screed is a stark reminder that a hate-America mindset on the left is not just a right-wing slander. It is also a powerful reminder that the US freedoms Pat Tillman fought and died to defend apply even to those who spout such venom."

And to those who spout venom at Gonzalez, as well. Take this one person from Brooklyn, who called our offices (people are still mistaking us for the Collegian) to register his outrage before launching into a rant, angrily calling us assholes and Gonzalez a spic.

Now, nobody would say this guy is representative of the rest of people who have called. In fact, most (70%) of the calls I've fielded, people have been polite. Outraged, but polite. Those who left contact info with their messages I've called back to point them in the direction of Amherst.

So really, this one incident of one guest columnist's poorly-written, mean-spirited write-up of Pat Tillman's death shouldn't be used as an indictment of the entire college press.

It's a lazy and an untrue argument.

[cathy young via jawsblog]

SEE ALSO: Another college column, this one from the Northern Illinois University Star: "Too many of our children are forced to view the idea of a hero as being whoever made ESPN’s Top Ten the night before. Understandably, mothers have shielded their children from television images of the real heroes in battle. Yet, the ultimate sacrifice made by Tillman should be noticed by every age group."

More college columns on Tillman here.

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