National Enquirer reporter not a 'martyr' says letter-writer  

Letter to the editor in today's Daily Utah Chronicle (University of Utah) regarding the National Enquirer reporter who came to speak the other week:

"I am writing in response to Patrick Boice's Oct. 24 letter, "Once Again The Chronicle is Hypocritical" and to communication department chairwoman Ann Darling's comments in an Oct. 23 Chronicle article, "Academic Freedom Questioned at U." Both Boice and Darling expressed support for professor Craig Wirth's decision to invite a discredited National Enquirer journalist to speak to his class and suggested that criticizing Wirth raised the frightening possibility of "censorship."

The question, rather, is whether Wirth's decision was a wise one, and what sort of consequences he should bear as a result of it. Wirth's "right" to invite the journalist to speak did not give him an obligation to exercise it nor did it convert him into a First Amendment martyr..."

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