More blogging to come 

More blogging to come tonight on the Brandeis Justice controversy and BU trustee turmoil. Still at the Mass Media's office, for the second late night in a row.

CNN called the newsroom this afternoon, asking if we had any info on "campus politics." Apparently they wanted to know if anything was going at UMass Boston in advance for the November 4th "Rock the Vote" Democratic candidate debate at Fanieul Hall. Incidently, one of our guys has a press pass to that. I might go on my own just for the hell of it. Not sure yet.

Today I went and covered a small talk given by Paul Finkelman, a law professor from the University of Tulsa. His current claim to fame is that he was an expert witness for the Alabama Ten Commandments case that happened just recently.

He briefly commented on that, slavery reparations, his testimony for the Barry Bonds baseball case, and Harvard and Yale law schools' suit against the Department of Defense over the Solomon Amendment.

More on that in next Thursday's Mass Media.

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