Mass Media website down 

Don't know what it is.

Otherwise I'd link to the articles I did this week; one on some campus center concerns (the university is building a new one), and the other on the New Majority conference which took place last weekend. The Boston Banner has a good article (and skimming through it, better and more in depth than mine) on the conference.

Got a chance to tour the campus center today. I and several other Mass Media staff, as well as others, saw where our offices are going to be. We'll be on the second floor, in the "student media" section, along with the fine people from The Watermark (the literary magazine) and the yearbook. Unfortunately, I had to dash off at 4 for an interview with the chancellor.

People who are concerned about the lack of doors (a cost saving measure, according to the university) will have their worst fears confirmed.

Looking to do a follow-up article in the next few weeks on it, since there is still a lot of material that didn't go into the campus center article, just because of space constraints.

Also, if anybody's concerned about the amount of anonymous quotes, that worried me, too. But in the end, the public concern and need to air these concerns met the standards set out to use anonymous quotes. There was no other way of getting the people to go on the record, since they were truly fearful of losing their jobs (whether they actually would have been in any danger is another matter-- the fact that there is this climate figures into it).

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