"Faux politics in full force," writes Globe columnist on Kerry appearance @ Harvard 

Columnist Eileen McNamara:

Handpicked students -- just the right mix of gender and ethnicity -- are led to microphones to ask prescreened questions. "Your parents paid tons of money and pulled every string they could to get you here," [Dawn] Birch reminds them. "They are looking for you to ask a question tonight." Not just any question, though. "No Iraq, no Medicare, no health care," instructs one handler, patrolling the aisles in search of some predetermined balance.

MORE: Adam Reilly of the Boston Phoenix comments on the Kerry @ Harvard thing:

By the show's halfway mark, 7:30 p.m., the energy that had accompanied Kerry's entrance had vanished, and Dawn was worried. "Okay, guys, I'm not losing my audience, right? Cause there wasn't a lot of enthusiasm on that last [round of applause.] You've still got enthusiasm, right?" The response was tepid. In the back of the crowd, two baby-faced male students seemed exasperated by Kerry's discussion of Iraq. "Can you summarize his position in two or three sentences?" "No, 'cause he's unwilling to." "And I think that hurts him."

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