Faculty discuss Goldin 

"More than 100 Boston University faculty members assembled Wednesday afternoon at a two-hour faculty forum to discuss the controversy surrounding the Board of Trustees and President-elect Daniel S. Goldin," writes DFP's Chris Gaylord.

"Several sources over the past week have told the Globe they expect the full board to rescind Goldin's job offer tomorrow," reported Marcella Bombardieri.

Alumni and faculty protest.

Globe columnist Alex Beam says BU is reaping what Silber sowed.

A Globe editorial points out that tomorrow will be a lose-lose situation for the trustees: If Goldin keeps his job, his power won't be as strong; if he is let go, a new search will have to start, and nobody's going to want to the job after this little debacle.

The Boston Herald website does not seem to want to cooperate tonight, but I want to note that they did have several things today (or yesterday, seeing how it's almost 2am Friday).

The one by Kevin Rothstein ("Incoming president's ouster may cost BU) mentioned that members of Attorney General Tom Reilly's staff "met with people accusing members of the BU board of trustees of having a conflict of interest."

They quote Ann Donlan, Reilly spokesperson, as saying "We have absolutely no intentions of getting involved with anything to do with BU."

Herald columnists Cosmo Macero and Peter Gelzinis both tackle the issue.

SEE ALSO IN DFP: Part four of five of a DFP interview with Silber.

CA students may not have homes to go back to after fires.

In the letters pages, two letters about the Goldin mess: A short note from a '70s graduate. "Is this really happening?" asks a Siim Hanja in NY.

Creepy: "Whisperer" making early morning phone calls to Harvard students, asks lewd questions.

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