Equal riots amendment 

Chris Wright for the Boston Phoenix:

"When Red Sox fans exploded into violence following the team’s victory against Oakland recently, a spate of head-shaking and tut-tutting quickly followed. 'Knuckleheads,' said Thomas Menino, referring to the revelers who expressed their joy by flinging beer bottles and overturning cars in Kenmore Square. UMass officials, meanwhile, promised 'harsh, swift disciplinary action' against those who ran amok in Amherst. To me, these reactions smacked of envy. Indeed, I’d wager that Mayor Menino, even as he fixed a photogenic frown on his face and stood before the media, was secretly wishing he could have climbed atop a building and bared his breasts that night..."

MORE: Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr on the riots. (r.r.)

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