BU Reacts to Goldin situation 

[Goldin, Silber]
Chris Gaylord from the Daily Free Press has it.

Students worried, want more information, write Allison Brown and Paola Singer. "Boston University administrators should cease their power struggles and devote more time to student concerns, several BU students said yesterday afternoon, responding to the controversy surrounding the Board of Trustees and President-elect Daniel Goldin..."

The staff editorial recommends patience, telling people to not immediately blame Silber.

Kenneth Elmore, dean of students, climbs into the ring by warning students about Professor Iffland, who for close to twenty years, has "been publicly comparing Dr. Silber to Fascist dictators."

Professor Iffland had a letter in yesterday's DFP, and was quoted in a NYTIMES story on the matter.

A student weighs in as well, saying trustees should give Goldin a chance. Goldin is the "right choice," writes another.

SEE ALSO: Part two in a five-part interview with Chancellor John Silber.

Sharpton on Hardball.

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