BG Roundup: Bush polls well among college students 

Higher than the national average, says a Harvard U. poll. But 86% believe he isn't telling the whole truth about Iraq. (Crimson article here.)

Seven out of ten students think it'll be hard getting a job after college, probably 'cause they've been talking with people who've just graduated.

ALSO: Public colleges need $1B in rehab, says study. "As more students flock to aging campuses, the 24 Massachusetts state and community colleges will need more than $1 billion in new construction and renovations to modernize and expand over the next decade, according to a study by the state Board of Higher Education..." (The UMass campuses were not among the examined.)

BC student settles with RIAA.

10 Plymouth State University female students involved in a fatal crash this week were participating in activities related to an unauthorized sorority, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

The gay Epsicopal bishop-elect comes to Dartmouth College.

David Horowitz was at Brown U.

"Tax cuts, not profligate state spending or the economic doldrums, are to blame for the Commonwealth's current fiscal crisis, according to a new study by an economist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst," writes Scott Greenberger for the Globe.

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