"Cpnblog, like virgins ?" 

Jesus. I just checked the cpnblog@yahoo address for the first time in quite a bit. Sorry for all those who I didn't respond to.

Although, since a good majority of them are "DR. WALE ADENUGA," "MR.SAMUEL JOHN," "MISS AMINA MOHAMED," I don't think it'll be a problem.

CPN RIP? Kinda. 

CPN's being put on hold indefinitely.

Sporadic posting on this is impossible -- combing the national and university wire services is an exhaustive job, and I can't do that every night.

Over spring break, I e-mailed the production manager about an idea I had been tossing around my mind for quite a while: giving the paper an official blog, something more geared towards the community (and would include stuff that didn't make it into the paper that week). Something to supplement the deadwood sitting on the stands.

A day or so later, he e-mails back with a Blogger invitation: It was all set up. I spent an afternoon tinkering around with the HTML (bless the Blogger Preview button), and came up with this:


News (University and other), odds and ends, and a commenting system.

It's still a work in progress, so we'll see how it goes.

So take a look.

I gotta finish work while I wait for some return phone calls. Seems there's a little meeting going on tomorrow. Finishing off the search for a UMass president, or some little thing like that.

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